Cabbage & Chorizo Soup

I found the recipe for this soup in a woman’s magazine. I decided to prepare it because it had a short list of ingredients (I do believe a lot of the times less is more), because it was a soup (I love soups), and because since living in the UK, I hardly ever use cabbage in cooking for some reason (cabbage/sour cabbage is very commonly used in Transylvanian cooking -i.e. stuffed cabbage).

It’s easy to prepare and trust me, it’s very very tasty. Unlike it instructs in the recipe, once I browned the chorizo slices in the frying pan, I poured most of the oil from it (but not all!) into a bowl, and then mixed the somewhat oily chorizo into the soup (before spooning the soup in bowls).

Here it is:

Cabbage & Chorizo Soup 1 (edited, resized & watermarked colour)

Find the recipe here.


Pancetta, Farro and Beans Soup

I’ve recently cooked (and then photographed) Gizzi Erskine’s pancetta, farro and beans soup recipe. Yum! It’s the kind of soup I like. Very filling & lots of goodness in it. Some country bread/sour dough and pickled vegetables on the side, parmesan cheese on the top, and you’ve got yourself a Delicious meal.

For the photo shoot, I set up a sort of a rustic scene, with some props I’ve found around the house, and others I’ve been gathering slowly but surely in the past few weeks (textile napkins in various colours, a wooden board, some glass jars with character, etc.). Hope you like the result(s).

SOUP 6 (edited colour)

Cup a’ soup anyone?!

Homemade Soups

The latest type of photography I’ve been trying out is -food/culinary photography. I must say, I quite enjoy it. So it’s very possible I’ll stick with it for longer. I enjoy cooking, I enjoy photography, why not enjoy the two together?

In these shots I’ve posted, I used the Food setting on my Nikon D5100. The soups are homemade, by myself, and the setup was very simple, with household things we own. For further improvement though, I’m planning to get some nice (culinary photography suitable) props; in other words various objects, tableware, which will enhance the appearance of the shot, making the food look good, tasty, and desirable. I’m also planning to experiment with different settings of my camera to get the best possible shots and the best possible angles.

Again, I welcome any suggestions, advice!

Here they are:
Bors (resized)

Vegetable Ciorba

Karfiol leves (edited &resized colour)

Cauliflower Soup

Babgulyás (edited colour, with vignette)

Bean Gulyas Shot 1

Babgulyás közelről (edited colour, with vignette)

Bean Gulyas Shot 2