Val d’Isere

Again, I’ve been quiet…. After a rather eventful, busy and stressful end of January and the whole of February (with the move, the sinusitis and such), we went for a 5 days long trip to France, to enjoy some winter sports. These kind of trips are of course not the same with a toddler in tow as they were without it (her), but I can honestly say I did enjoy some great time, some refreshing chill on my face as I was speeding down the beautiful white slopes of Val d’Isere. Didn’t get to take many pictures, but here’s a few to give an idea of where we were. Hope I got the white as white as I should’ve….

Mountain Cabin-Dream House (edited & resized colour)

A Home in the Mountains (unfortunately this wasn’t the place where we stayed though)

Val d'Isere (edited & resized colour)

La Reculaz I.

A Bit of the French Alps (edited & resized colour)

La Reculaz II.


Happy Christmas Everyone!

In three days I’ll be off to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve in South Africa. It’s going to be a very different Christmas to last year’s, which we spent in Transylvania -lots of snow, very minus temperatures, Szekler dishes. This time there’s going to be an abundance of sunshine, hot weather, and lots of outside ‘braai’-s. Can’t wait! Wish everyone a joyful Christmas and you’ll be hearing from me again in the new year with fresh photo material!

Castle Grounds

Reigate Castle Grounds 2010