Happy New Year!

After almost three weeks away I’m back to my blog and, as I promised in my last post of 2012, with fresh photo material from our trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Firstly, I have to share with you my joy over the photography related Christmas present I got from my husband. Seeing that I am becoming more and more interested and passionate about taking photos, learning into the ins and outs of digital photography, I received a new laptop of my own to work on AND Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 to start becoming able in photo editing as well. So happy!

These following photos were taken at The Willows in Johannesburg. The Willows is, how shall I put it, a paradise in the midst of the shabby and the more underprivileged, a gated community, not uncommon or rather say, very common in South Africa. I feel a bit guilty to admit that I like it (in the previously mentioned context), but because it offers a home to me and my family when visiting, I succumb to its charm. It’s got everything for a peaceful living (aimed at young families and the elderly) -nice architecture, lots of green- and well-maintained grass, (willow)trees, an abundance of flowers and rich birdlife, a river running through it, a lake with waterlilies and fish, bridges crossing the waters, playgrounds, inviting swimming pools, the chirping of the birds, friendly neighbours…. ahhh. It’s beautiful.

Reflection in the Willows (edited)

Bridge in the Willows (edited)

Waterlilies in the Willows (edited)

Rock (edited)

Can't Remember Tree (edited)

View Over the Lake (edited)


Dusk Over Reigate Hill

Seeing how enthusiastic I still am about taking photos, my dear husband bought a tripod for us recently. I wanted to try it out and decided to wait for a nice, sunny day, then walk up to the top of the nearby hill and capture the sunset from there. That day happened over the weekend, when I checked the sunset times on the internet (3.52 pm!), then rushed up to the Reigate Hill lookout point just after 3pm, thinking I will miss it. In fact, I was well in time and I ended up spending about 40 min up there taking photos of the dusk settling over the landscape (my hands were frozen by the end of it). To be perfectly honest, because I’ve never used one, not being too familiar with it, I found the tripod a bit of a nuisance this time. Somehow, taking the camera eventually off it, I felt freer in my movements and more comfortable with what I was doing. As a result, some of these photos have been taking with the use of the tripod and some of them without. I think I just need a bit of practise and I’ll be good friends with the tripod soon enough. It can come quite handy in low light situations.

    Sun Setting Over Village (resized)

Lone Plane (resized)

Dusk (resized)

Comet... (resized)

Silhoutte (resized)