Roast Apple & Rhubarb Crumble (My First!)

As I might have already mentioned it, I’m not much of a baker/dessert maker. The main reason for that is mostly because I’m not into sweets/anything sweet, but more savoury things. Ok, every once in a while I do get the sweet tooth too/craving, but it’s not very often. Until now I was also pretty sure that if I do make the effort and bake something, there would be nobody here (at home) to eat it. So why waste?! Well, things have changed a bit lately. My 2 years+ daughter is VERY much into sweet things for a while now, especially chocolate, and my husband is showing rather obvious signs that he’d appreciate a dessert here and then too. Towards the end of last week he came home from work with 3-4 gigantic stalks of rhubarb, which he received from one his work collleagues…. So, on Sunday I prepared (with the help of my daughter), my first ever crumble! It didn’t come out great (there could’ve been a thicker layer of fruit), but we had fun making it, and it didn’t taste too bad either. Well not for a first anyway. Here it is then:

Apple&Rhubarb Crumble (edited colour)

And my daughter’s version:

Abi's Apple&Rhubarb Crumble (edited BW)

Find the recipe here!



When I get the chance and find a good subject around the house, I like to experiment with still life. This is what I did with this tulip, the single tulip that grew in our front garden and which my daughter then tore… for me (had to love her for that). I wanted to emphasise the beautiful, deep red colour of its petals, so I put the flower in a little glass container (left over from an infusion sticks set), next to a window with white net curtain on (good for diffusing the light), and experimented with positioning, angles. I deliberately overexposed shots, also to bring out the red…, but used spot metering to expose correctly for the tulip’s head.  Hope you like the results. Which one do you consider best? Comments are welcome.

RED I (edited colour)


RED II (edited colour)


RED III (edited colour)


Pancetta, Farro and Beans Soup

I’ve recently cooked (and then photographed) Gizzi Erskine’s pancetta, farro and beans soup recipe. Yum! It’s the kind of soup I like. Very filling & lots of goodness in it. Some country bread/sour dough and pickled vegetables on the side, parmesan cheese on the top, and you’ve got yourself a Delicious meal.

For the photo shoot, I set up a sort of a rustic scene, with some props I’ve found around the house, and others I’ve been gathering slowly but surely in the past few weeks (textile napkins in various colours, a wooden board, some glass jars with character, etc.). Hope you like the result(s).

SOUP 6 (edited colour)

Cup a’ soup anyone?!

Homemade Soups

The latest type of photography I’ve been trying out is -food/culinary photography. I must say, I quite enjoy it. So it’s very possible I’ll stick with it for longer. I enjoy cooking, I enjoy photography, why not enjoy the two together?

In these shots I’ve posted, I used the Food setting on my Nikon D5100. The soups are homemade, by myself, and the setup was very simple, with household things we own. For further improvement though, I’m planning to get some nice (culinary photography suitable) props; in other words various objects, tableware, which will enhance the appearance of the shot, making the food look good, tasty, and desirable. I’m also planning to experiment with different settings of my camera to get the best possible shots and the best possible angles.

Again, I welcome any suggestions, advice!

Here they are:
Bors (resized)

Vegetable Ciorba

Karfiol leves (edited &resized colour)

Cauliflower Soup

Babgulyás (edited colour, with vignette)

Bean Gulyas Shot 1

Babgulyás közelről (edited colour, with vignette)

Bean Gulyas Shot 2

Slowed Down

I’ve been pretty slow lately, pretty scattered, and I’m sorry about it. My excuse is that I’m fighting sinusitis for over three weeks now & it’s horrible, it’s driving me nuts. Nowadays, I’m not even feeling guilty about feeling sorry for myself a lot. Go away bad sinusitis, leave me alone!!! I have a 2 year old to look after and plans in my head, which I just find too hard to accomplish these days.  Please bear with me until I get myself back from the evil grasp of this persistent sickness. For now, here’s a taster to our new house. I know, I’m a teaser. 🙂 I like the owl though.

House Number Plate

Faces of a Child

I have been quiet for the past two weeks, as some of you may have noticed, because we have moved to a new house. Now, after a week and half in our new home and settled somewhat, I can return to my normal days, to my love of photography, and to keeping my photo blog up to date.

I’m showing now a monochrome series of my main photographic model, my two year old daughter. It’s not easy to take photos of a toddler on the move -who has a short attention spam and has to be rested, not hungry, not fighting one of the many sicknesses that occur while young, and kept well entertained, when it comes to a successful photoshoot. I’m constantly trying… and sharing with you the results.

I like this photo series of Abigail. I would call them Faces of a Child. Hope you like them too. Oh, and for more portraiture see my other blog, dedicated to my daughter, Faces of Abigail.

Sleepy Baby (edited &resized BW)

My Baby (edited&resized BW)

Happy Girl (edited&resized BW)

Happy New Year!

After almost three weeks away I’m back to my blog and, as I promised in my last post of 2012, with fresh photo material from our trip to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Firstly, I have to share with you my joy over the photography related Christmas present I got from my husband. Seeing that I am becoming more and more interested and passionate about taking photos, learning into the ins and outs of digital photography, I received a new laptop of my own to work on AND Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 to start becoming able in photo editing as well. So happy!

These following photos were taken at The Willows in Johannesburg. The Willows is, how shall I put it, a paradise in the midst of the shabby and the more underprivileged, a gated community, not uncommon or rather say, very common in South Africa. I feel a bit guilty to admit that I like it (in the previously mentioned context), but because it offers a home to me and my family when visiting, I succumb to its charm. It’s got everything for a peaceful living (aimed at young families and the elderly) -nice architecture, lots of green- and well-maintained grass, (willow)trees, an abundance of flowers and rich birdlife, a river running through it, a lake with waterlilies and fish, bridges crossing the waters, playgrounds, inviting swimming pools, the chirping of the birds, friendly neighbours…. ahhh. It’s beautiful.

Reflection in the Willows (edited)

Bridge in the Willows (edited)

Waterlilies in the Willows (edited)

Rock (edited)

Can't Remember Tree (edited)

View Over the Lake (edited)