Transylvanian Tales: Kings and Queens

In Transylvania, a lot of people grow their own pultry: chicken, geese, ducks, turkeys. Here’s a fine example of a rooster and its ‘first’ hen.

King of the Henyard (lomo effect)

King of the Henyard

The Hen (lomo effect)

Queen of the Henyard


At The Lion Park

When in Johannesburg, we visited the Lion Park, which has been named by Newsweek one of the top 100 tourist destinations in the world. Our main purpose for the visit was to give our 2 year old daughter a taster of the South African wildlife in a child friendly establishment. At the end of it, not only she was blown away by the experience, but me too. And on top of everything, I managed to gather some pretty nice shots of the animals (mostly lions, lion cubs), which I’m sharing with you guys now.

The original shots were in colour, but after having read in my latest copy of the Photography for Beginners magazine that wildlife photography can work surprisingly well in monochrome, I’ve experimented with that and I’ve been using my new Elements 11 photo editing software to get to these results.

Lion Cub (edited BW 1)

Thoughtful (edited BW)

Lion Cub II (edited BW)

Grrr (edited BW)

Protective (edited BW)

The Big White Lion (edited BW)

Giraffe Head (edited BW)