Going on a Photo Training Course

I’ve signed up for a one day Nikon D5100 DSLR course taking place in London, April 9. Hopefully this will give me even more confidence in using my D5100 & to make the most of it. I’m really eager now to get knowledgeable about the technical side of DSLR photography and then in photo editing (I have the Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 version). I’m really eager now because I’m starting to figure out which photography types/genres would interest me more than others, which ones I’d be happy and keen to pursue further… So far it’s only been a hobby, and perhaps that’s what it will only remain, but let’s just say I want to get really good at my hobby -and then we’ll see what comes next…

What I figured out so far is that, I think I might like to pursue still-life/food/food documentary photography. I am sharing this with you all first time here. I appreciate your support, you following my blog, you liking my posts, you liking my photos. I’d enjoy very much your company on this journey of mine into the above mentioned genres of photography and I promise I’ll keep you up to date with what I experience, what new I learn, what mistakes I make on the way, what photos I’ll be able to produce in the meantime. And I welcome of course any suggestions, comments, advice, your thoughts on something particular or in general. It helps to know you are there…

I am finishing off now with a picture of what I made for yesterday’s lunch, at the request of my daughter: Pancakes with Jam.

Pancakes with Jam (edited)

The recipe for the pancakes (a batch that makes 7-10 pieces)

Ingredients: 125 g flour, 1 egg, 150 ml milk, 1 tsp sugar/powdered sugar, a pinch of salt, and oil for the preparation of it.

In a bowl, mix well 50 ml of milk with one egg and 1 tsp of sugar/powdered sugar. Then add to the mixture the flour -slowly, little by little, stirring it in well with a whisk. Follow with adding in the leftover milk and more milk/sparkling water, so that the consistency of the mixture is neither too runny nor too thick…. It might take practise. Or else rely on your instincts. Mix it well so that there are no lumps in the mixture.

Put a pan on the stove, heat it up, then add a little oil in the pan and lifting the pan up from the stove spread the oil in the pan. Now it’s ready for adding the mixture in. Using a ladle, add some of the mixture to the pan, with a rotating move spread it around in the pan. After a few seconds of cooking, loosen the sides of the pancake with a buttter knife, round and round, then slip the knife under the pancake and gently lift it up to turn it on the other side. Let both sides get a nice golden brown colour, then flip it or lift it again with the knife onto a plate. Continue the same way with the rest of the mixture. The first pancake needs the most oil in the pan, then try add less with the following ones.

Once the pancakes are ready, spread some jam or Nutella, or anything you like on them. Bon appetit! 🙂


Slowed Down

I’ve been pretty slow lately, pretty scattered, and I’m sorry about it. My excuse is that I’m fighting sinusitis for over three weeks now & it’s horrible, it’s driving me nuts. Nowadays, I’m not even feeling guilty about feeling sorry for myself a lot. Go away bad sinusitis, leave me alone!!! I have a 2 year old to look after and plans in my head, which I just find too hard to accomplish these days.  Please bear with me until I get myself back from the evil grasp of this persistent sickness. For now, here’s a taster to our new house. I know, I’m a teaser. 🙂 I like the owl though.

House Number Plate


Sharing with you all here that I got another good feedback from the Photography for Beginners team, on one of my photos. They selected my photo named Pink into their Photos We Like section, along with becoming a runner up (with the same photo) in their recent Still Life Photo Competition. This made me incredibly happy, but also incredibly eager to continue my learning process into photography.

Balls (edited & resized colour)

I’m in the position where I’m trying to figure out what sort of photography I’d like to be focusing on in the future. Not quite there yet, as I’ve still got lots of general learning to do (lacking mostly in technical- and in editing skills, I believe), but that would be the next step to take. It makes sense aknowledging that to become really good in something, you have to limit that something to as less somethings as possible, instead of more… one can handle. So far, I enjoy portrait- and landscape photography most, monochrome bringing the two in one basket, which suits me well. I may be able to enjoy still life photography too, where I’d be able to really use/show some creativity; haven’t done much in this field so far though. There are lots more photography genres out there (see street, travel, fashion, wildlife, etc.), but I think I’ll be choosing my area(s) from the four mentioned earlier on.

I welcome any (good hearted) suggestions, comments, advice on this! One thing is for sure, I love being behind the camera, instead of in front of it….

My Photo Published

I’d like to share with you all my joy over the fact that for the very first time but hopefully not the last, one of my photos got published in a specialised magazine -Photography for Beginners, Issue 21 (UK). I feel even more motivated now to pursue my new found passion in photography. Thank you to everyone who is believing in me!


Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter

Happy Christmas Everyone!

In three days I’ll be off to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve in South Africa. It’s going to be a very different Christmas to last year’s, which we spent in Transylvania -lots of snow, very minus temperatures, Szekler dishes. This time there’s going to be an abundance of sunshine, hot weather, and lots of outside ‘braai’-s. Can’t wait! Wish everyone a joyful Christmas and you’ll be hearing from me again in the new year with fresh photo material!

Castle Grounds

Reigate Castle Grounds 2010

Lone Feather

I’m sure lots of you heard about or even experienced the ‘writer’s block’. Many accomplished writers suffer from a blockage of creativity or inspiration, and at times it can be truly hard to overcome it. I, as an aspiring writer, have come across it too. For me, in fact, it has been now years. The truth is since I’ve had my daughter, two years ago, I haven’t even had either the time or the state of mind to sit down and write in a continuous, regular way. Also, I’m under the impression that I had felt my most creative when I was a little miserable (lonely, sad, despondent, or even disillusioned) and since I’ve found happiness having met my now husband and then having our first child together, settling down as a family, my muse(s) have left me.

I’ve read somewhere a while ago that Paulo Coelho believes greatly in ‘omens’ or signs to prompt him writing a new book. He only starts writing a new one after finding a white feather…. In his words:

The white feather thing started before my first book, The Pilgrimage. I asked myself, shall I write that book? I was not sure and I said if I see a feather today, I’m going to write; if I don’t see it it’s not in my destiny. I found it so I said I have to write. And the next book, I followed the same ritual and then it became a tradition and now I cannot write unless I find a white feather.

The other day I was out and about around Reigate, and I found a feather, this feather, of which I took a picture, mostly because it reminded me of Paulo Coelho’s well-known habit (even if this one wasn’t a special white, but a common one). I wanted to share this image with you, with anyone who thinks they can find it useful. Finding this feather didn’t give me a great surge of creativity to grab a pen again and write, but who knows, maybe it will or already has for someone….

Lone feather (resized)