Report on Nikon Training

Thank you wiolakk for pointing out that it’d be welcome if I gave a short report on how my training course, mentioned in one of my earlier posts, went on Tuesday.

In one word, it was kind of like a ‘revelation’. I’ve had my camera for over a year and a half now, but knew I wasn’t intirely familiar with its capabilities. I’ve overtaken this training to get myself more confident in my camera use, to learn/see my camera’s full potential, to meet other Nikon enthusiasts. And to my great content, the course ticked all these boxes for me. It dissected the technicalities of using a Nikon D5100, going through what all the buttons on the camera do, what the menu contains/features and controls, how photos can be improved in camera. I’ve never used the i (info) button before and now I know I will, from now on, always. Great shortcut to menu items/camera settings information! Also, I’ve learned about Metering, which for me was a big big question mark, AF basics, Picture Control, Active D Lighting, White Balance. There was a lot of information condensed in those hours (10.30am – 5pm), but these are the ones that stood out for me most.

Until now, I’ve only shot in and used JPEG. I was aware of RAW, but it was just a bit too ‘scary’ for me. From now on, following this course, I gained confidence in starting to shoot in RAW now. Because RAW provides highest possible image quality from captured data.

So hopefully, in the near future, you’ll all notice an improvement in the quality of my photos that I’m posting. 😉

But just to make sure, I have another course lined up, an online one on digital photography, that I’m going to try take in the next couple of months or so.

P.S. I’m attaching these two images I’ve taken at the training. Nothing special about them, except that these are my very first images shot in RAW & the very first time I was using Spot Metering.



2 thoughts on “Report on Nikon Training

  1. Great to hear you liked it 🙂 And it sounds really fantastic. The basics are so important. I am over and over again reading my manual. There are really many options to grasp.
    I like a lot the facial expressions you caught on your shots 🙂

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