Sharing with you all here that I got another good feedback from the Photography for Beginners team, on one of my photos. They selected my photo named Pink into their Photos We Like section, along with becoming a runner up (with the same photo) in their recent Still Life Photo Competition. This made me incredibly happy, but also incredibly eager to continue my learning process into photography.

Balls (edited & resized colour)

I’m in the position where I’m trying to figure out what sort of photography I’d like to be focusing on in the future. Not quite there yet, as I’ve still got lots of general learning to do (lacking mostly in technical- and in editing skills, I believe), but that would be the next step to take. It makes sense aknowledging that to become really good in something, you have to limit that something to as less somethings as possible, instead of more… one can handle. So far, I enjoy portrait- and landscape photography most, monochrome bringing the two in one basket, which suits me well. I may be able to enjoy still life photography too, where I’d be able to really use/show some creativity; haven’t done much in this field so far though. There are lots more photography genres out there (see street, travel, fashion, wildlife, etc.), but I think I’ll be choosing my area(s) from the four mentioned earlier on.

I welcome any (good hearted) suggestions, comments, advice on this! One thing is for sure, I love being behind the camera, instead of in front of it….

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