Happy Christmas Everyone!

In three days I’ll be off to spend the Christmas holidays and New Year’s Eve in South Africa. It’s going to be a very different Christmas to last year’s, which we spent in Transylvania -lots of snow, very minus temperatures, Szekler dishes. This time there’s going to be an abundance of sunshine, hot weather, and lots of outside ‘braai’-s. Can’t wait! Wish everyone a joyful Christmas and you’ll be hearing from me again in the new year with fresh photo material!

Castle Grounds

Reigate Castle Grounds 2010


Dusk Over Reigate Hill

Seeing how enthusiastic I still am about taking photos, my dear husband bought a tripod for us recently. I wanted to try it out and decided to wait for a nice, sunny day, then walk up to the top of the nearby hill and capture the sunset from there. That day happened over the weekend, when I checked the sunset times on the internet (3.52 pm!), then rushed up to the Reigate Hill lookout point just after 3pm, thinking I will miss it. In fact, I was well in time and I ended up spending about 40 min up there taking photos of the dusk settling over the landscape (my hands were frozen by the end of it). To be perfectly honest, because I’ve never used one, not being too familiar with it, I found the tripod a bit of a nuisance this time. Somehow, taking the camera eventually off it, I felt freer in my movements and more comfortable with what I was doing. As a result, some of these photos have been taking with the use of the tripod and some of them without. I think I just need a bit of practise and I’ll be good friends with the tripod soon enough. It can come quite handy in low light situations.

    Sun Setting Over Village (resized)

Lone Plane (resized)

Dusk (resized)

Comet... (resized)

Silhoutte (resized)

Lone Feather

I’m sure lots of you heard about or even experienced the ‘writer’s block’. Many accomplished writers suffer from a blockage of creativity or inspiration, and at times it can be truly hard to overcome it. I, as an aspiring writer, have come across it too. For me, in fact, it has been now years. The truth is since I’ve had my daughter, two years ago, I haven’t even had either the time or the state of mind to sit down and write in a continuous, regular way. Also, I’m under the impression that I had felt my most creative when I was a little miserable (lonely, sad, despondent, or even disillusioned) and since I’ve found happiness having met my now husband and then having our first child together, settling down as a family, my muse(s) have left me.

I’ve read somewhere a while ago that Paulo Coelho believes greatly in ‘omens’ or signs to prompt him writing a new book. He only starts writing a new one after finding a white feather…. In his words:

The white feather thing started before my first book, The Pilgrimage. I asked myself, shall I write that book? I was not sure and I said if I see a feather today, I’m going to write; if I don’t see it it’s not in my destiny. I found it so I said I have to write. And the next book, I followed the same ritual and then it became a tradition and now I cannot write unless I find a white feather.

The other day I was out and about around Reigate, and I found a feather, this feather, of which I took a picture, mostly because it reminded me of Paulo Coelho’s well-known habit (even if this one wasn’t a special white, but a common one). I wanted to share this image with you, with anyone who thinks they can find it useful. Finding this feather didn’t give me a great surge of creativity to grab a pen again and write, but who knows, maybe it will or already has for someone….

Lone feather (resized)

Portrait of a Rainbow

This morning I walked into our bedroom and my eyes were immediately drawn to look out the window, where I saw a beautifully bright colored rainbow. I got very excited, ran out for my camera, set it to landscape (for a quick one), and snapped. By the time I took my third picture (trying the adjust the composition too), it was gone…. Don’t worry rainbow -although you were short-lived, you didn’t go unnoticed!

Portrait of a Rainbow